Salt Lamp Instructions

Blind Friendly

When you get your lamp, you will find the light socket with cord and bulb separate from the main crystal. Simply screw the bulb into the socket, and gently insert it straight up through the hole, letting the grips press against the inside. Some bulbs can loosen easily, so once you have them inserted, leave them alone.

To switch the lamps on and off, some cords have a regular switch, and some have a dial. For the switches, the position closer to the lamp switches it on. The dials have no way to tell. If you cannot see the lamp, you can tell most by holding your hand very close to the surface and feeling for the heat.

When you have everything ready, stand the lamp up in the proper place, plug it in, flip the switch or turn the dial, and notice the difference! Salt lamps last a lifetime. If they get wet, leave them on and let the water evaporate. You can leave them on all the time, but obviously switch them off if unattended for a long period.

Salt lamps provide a safe and easy way to purify your living space. They provide beauty on all levels. Enjoy.

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